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Wipeout Pest Control conduct their termite inspections in accordance with AS 3660.2:2017
Termite Management Part 2: In and around existing buildings and structures, which states
that inspections shall be conducted at not more than 12 month intervals for buildings
where the requirements for a regular inspection is met.

Areas inspected to your property include:

  • Interior

  • Exterior (including fences, trees, stumps and structures) up to 50m from the building

  • Any accessible roof voids and subfloors


Using detection tools required to complete the job:

  • Moisture meter

  • TermatracT3i 

  • Borescopes 

  • Donger


A full PDF report is emailed or printed to you at the completion of every termite inspection.
After a comprehensive inspection of your entire premises, inside and out, Wipeout Pest control
will provide you with recommendations on the best way to manage your
property against termites.
You will receive a full termite management proposal
to reduce the risk of any undetected termite attacks to your house.

Tips to Prevent Termites

  • Redirect hot water and air condition over flows away from house

  • Replace retaining wall and landscaping timbers with termite resistant timbers

  • Remove timber and debris from underneath and around the house

  • Remove or replace all untreated timbers in contact with soil

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